daddy, can I have a pony for my birthday?

As most of you know, my baby girl turned 5 in November.  She adores animals of every kind, but horses are most definitely her favorite.  And like most almost 5 year old girls, she asked her daddy if he could please get her a pony for her birthday.  She made sure he understood she didn’t want a toy pony, and in fact she didn’t really want a pony, she wanted a horse…”a real live horse”.  Clearly that wasn’t going to happen!  So I started out on a mission to find a stable that would let us have a horse party, so that for at least one day she got her wish and had a horse.

Y’all, I looked high and low for a place that I was comfortable with, and I was much more difficult than you would expect!  BUT, when I finally found one, it was the most amazingly perfect place for this party.  I can not speak highly enough of the folks over at Legacy Equine Academy!  If you have a horse lover you absolutely need to visit them!  (And no, they didn’t pay me to say that!)  We plan on taking Audrey there for lessons (once we figure out how to deal with the fact that she is allergic to horses…something we found out during her party…doh!)

So once we had found the location of course I needed photos for the invitation!  Luckily I was able to arrange to spend a few minutes at Legacy one evening to snap a few images of Audrey for the invitation.  These are probably my favorite pictures of her…ever.  She is so clearly in love and seems so at home with these amazing creatures.  I mean seriously…is this not the most adorable thing you have ever seen:


Or these:




But for some reason this one is my favorite.  It is so profound and speaks to the very core of Audrey’s being.  She doesn’t see that Waverly is huge and a little intimidating, she just trusts the relationship.


But you guys came here to see the party, not just my amazingly adorable child, right? So here you go!  During the party the children learned to feed treats to the horses, learned to groom the horses, got a horse ride around the facility, decorated a real horse shoe AND they finger painted a pony!  We ended the evening with a little birthday cake and some s’mores.  It was pretty amazing.

The invitations.  We did a 3×3 accordion book and a gold glitter horse (painted with love by the daddy) inside a kraft brown box.  And yes, I know how ridiculous it is to mail a box to everyone.


Party details (links at the bottom of the post):







Audrey had an amazing time and I can’t thank everyone that worked on this party enough!!!  XOXO!

For those of you interested here are some of the details:
Venue – Legacy Equine Academy
Flowers – Petals by Design (Note: the flowers were SO AMAZING and way better than I could have imagined.  Seriously, I told Lisa I wanted flowers in a trophy, which is super weird, but she managed to make them stunning!  Contact these ladies if you need flowers for anything!!)
Smores & Goodies Posters – O’Neill Design Co.
Favors – my friend Marilu created horse necklaces for each of the girls and for the boys, I created a box with instructions and pieces to build a lego horse and cowboy.
Carrot Boxes – Garnish
Custom trophies – Trophy Depot

February 3, 2014 - 7:46 pm

Olivia Castille - What an amazing party! Beautiful! Audrey will remember this one always. Now you’ve set the bar pretty high for 10 and 15.