about wendi

A few random things about me:

  • i love cereal {for every meal}
  • i’m indecisive
  • white is my favorite color, maybe black, sometimes yellow
  • i over use exclamation points
  • i love texas…like big puffy heart bursting at the seams love
  • i hate having my picture taken
  • i suffer from middle child syndrome
  • i wear jeans 99% of the time
  • i love ice cream and candy {my dentists loves my wallet}
  • i watch way more tv than i have time for
  • i love to read {i should stop watching so much tv and read a damn book}
  • i have a potty mouth
  • public speaking makes me cry {literally}
  • i still get butterflies before EVERY SINGLE photo session
  • i love when my clients become my friends

I don’t have a story about how I picked up a camera at the age of 3 and photography is my lifelong passion.  My ‘story’ is far less glamorous – I took a photography class, I liked it, I was good at it, so I stuck with it.  When I had my son I got a horribly crappy digital camera and went to town photographing every snot bubble he made because damn it, it was the cutest snot on the planet.  Before long I was being asked to photograph my friend’s kids and well, here I am today.  I don’t aim for perfection in my photographs, perfection is over-rated – I aim to capture something real.  And if at the end of the day I am able to accomplish that, I’m a happy camper.

Oh and I promise I traded in the craptastic camera for a better model.

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