what to expect

I have a casual, documentary style of photography. I strive to capture moments and not pictures.  There is no process; I capture you and your family real and unaltered. The best way to plan for your session is to stop planning. I want the session to be comfortable and casual.  We will do a mixture of posed and candid photographs.  I will place you somewhere and wait for something magical.  Some things might seem a bit odd – just go with it.  It won’t always work, but we will have fun in the attempt.

I shoot exclusively with natural light so the sessions are typically scheduled when lighting is most optimal, such as early morning and early evening before sunset.   Make sure everyone is well rested, and well fed.   Make sure to bring snacks, a drink, outfit changes and even wet wipes.  Relax and enjoy.

Your session will take place in your home or at a location of our choosing.

At home

If we are in your home I will rearrange furniture and open window treatments if needed – we will explore every nook and cranny of your home in search of the perfect light.  I will capture your family in their element.  We can utilize items in your home that are meaningful to you.  This doesn’t mean we won’t wander out into the yard if the weather is nice.

On location

You have options, and you should choose according to the outcome you are hoping for.

Choose an activity and my camera and I will be a fly on the wall.  The goal is to capture your family’s interactions.  The activities or location options are limitless.  The bowling alley, a carnival, a baseball game, a picnic, you think of it and we will find a way.

Choose a general location, i.e. downtown, and we will wander the streets stopping here and there to snap photos.  This option offers an array of images to choose from because we are constantly on the move.

Choose a location and we will plant there.  We will find a location that allows us to stay in one general area while allowing us versatility.  A park, your favorite building, a school, the options in and around Houston are plentiful.

I am always open to new ideas and suggestions; if you are up for it I’m willing to give it a try.