what to wear

The question I undoubtedly get asked the most…”What should we wear?”

There isn’t a one size fits all answer to that question and sometimes I can see the deer in the headlights look when I try to explain it.  So in an effort to inspire your wardrobe chooses I will be posting some what to wear guides here.  This does not mean you have to make a mad dash to try to find these exact looks, it is simply to give you a visual idea of what I am trying to explain when I confuse you with all of the “no matchy-matchy” talk.  Be sure and check back because a new look will be posted monthly.

So…go forth and be inspired!  {If you show up to your session in one of these exact outfits I will likely laugh at you before I take your picture. HA!}

{What to wear guides courtesy of Inspire Me Baby & Karlen Kleinkopf.}